The Executive Committee of Wolverhampton Speakers Club

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Carolyn Micklethwaite
Carolyn is this year's WSC President.

'I am a long term member of our speakers club and cannot understate the confidence I have gained through speaking, which has been of great advantage in work as well as socially. I am pleased to see people of all ages and backgrounds come along to our club, many of whom will become valued members.'
Graham Harrison
Graham is the WSC Vice President
Peter Sinnott
Peter is the WSC Education Director and Secretary. He says:

'As a long-term member of the club and past President, it has given me much pleasure over the years to watch new members grow into confident and polished public speakers. It remains my goal to assist in the growth and sustainability of the club so more of our local community can learn the wonderful art of good communications.'
Maura Sherar
Maura is WSC Treasurer
Brian Micklethwaite
Brian is the WSC Webmaster

'After a long career in education and IT, I am now retired. I am a long-term member of the club and have been Education Director and have also been WSC President. I am passionate about being able to help people grow and gain confidence in speaking in public and in communication.'
WSC Executive Committee