Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I do learn about public speaking with the club?
    You learn in a lot of ways - but its not like an evening class in public speaking, because we work differently.

    We learn in a variety of ways, even when we’re not scheduled to give a speech:

    • By speaking yourself as you work through the stages of our speaking programme
    • By having your speeches evaluated (not criticised!) by an experienced member of the club
    • By referring to 'The Guide to Public Speaking’, the club’s own handbook
    • By listening to other speakers and learning from their evaluators
    • By taking part in our impromptu speaking sessions
    • By listening to specially-prepared education speeches given by an experienced member
    • By participating in workshops
    • By eventually evaluating other speakers as you gain more experience
    • By taking part in speaking contests
    • By having fun!
  • Can I just come and listen before I join?
    Yes, of course you can. You need to come along to couple of meetings to see what we do - only then do you need to make a decision to join the club and pay the membership subscription.

    You will be given the opportunity to try out speaking in the club but we won't pressurise you. Once you join you can proceed at your own pace.
  • I'm afraid of standing up in front of people - can you help?
    Yes we can - because we all started as nervous newcomers and we know what it feels like!

    We don't throw you in at the deep end, but give you opportunities to speak when you feel you are ready. We are very supportive and if you stumble we'll help you out - what better way to make mistakes than with people just like you, who you know you can trust.
  • Will I fit in?
    We're sure you will! Our club is very friendly and most meetings are full of laughter.

    We are mixed in age, gender, race & nationality. Ages range from students to 70s and we are split about 50-50 male/female.

    Members come from all the cultural backgrounds in our city and from different kinds of employment (or none), and we have a mix of experience and skills at public speaking.
  • Do I Get a Certificate?
    You get a Basic Certificate of Achievement when you have successfully completed the first five stages of our programme and a Certificate of Achievement when you have successfully completed all ten stages.

    Once you have achieved the Certificate of Achievement you can try for the
    Advanced Certificate of Achievement and our Leadership Certificate if you wish.